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Regardless of what someone else may have told you, maintaining your air conditioning unit on a regular basis will save you quite a bit of money. When you schedule regular maintenance for your Liverpool unit, you will be paying a single, annual cost, rather than having to pay for repair after repair throughout the year. If you own a business in Liverpool that uses Air Con on a daily basis, one of your top priorities should be to have your AC unit inspected regularly by an EnviroCool professional.

An essential element of being an Air Con owner is ensuring that your system is serviced and maintained regularly. If you do not invest in this type of check-up, you are likely spending much more than you should on your utility bills, no matter if you have a residential or commercial property. When you have your unit serviced by EnviroCool on a regular basis, you can find ways to cut costs and keep your unit running as efficiently as possible.

“Does my Air Conditioning Need Servicing?”

It doesn’t matter what condition your Air Con is in, EnviroCool will always say “yes” to this question. You need service and maintenance checks, no matter what time of year it is or what is going on with your unit. If your air system has not had any maintenance since you first installed it, then there is no question that now is the time to call for service from EnviroCool.

The team from EnviroCool carry out regular maintenance for all types of AC units in Liverpool. If you are seeking maintenance in this area, then you should call EnviroCool first. We will look at how long you have had your existing system and what it is actually costing you each month. We will also determine if the unit requires any type of maintenance.

The Facts of Air Conditioning Maintenance

The following list provides information on a few things that may be interesting to you when you are thinking about having your AC serviced:

  • If you have contaminated evaporator or condenser coils, the systems energy consumption will go up by 36 percent.
  • A build-up of dirt in the system will cause higher energy bills.
  • Too much dirt will result in an inefficient system and a shorter lifespan.
  • When your system is maintained and cleaned regularly, it will destroy 99.9 percent of all fungi and bacteria that enters it.
  • E.coli, Legionella, and MRSA are just a couple of the microorganisms that could be present in your un-serviced air con systems. We have all heard of these right?

Now that we have talked to you briefly about the facts, it is essential that you plan for continued AC maintenance. Contacting EnviroCool today will allow you to discuss all the options you have and will DEFINITELY SAVE YOU BUNDLES OF MONEY in the short term and long term.

If you are looking for air conditioning maintenance in Liverpool then EnviroCool are the ones to call. Our experience and knowledge of working with a variety of systems means no matter what type of unit you have, we will be able to carry out our super important checks!

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