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Regular maintenance of your air conditioning is definitely a really good financial investment. It is possible to run your system at a far lower cost if it is running efficiently, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds each week, month or year. If you are running a busy company or rely on air conditioning in your home, having regular checks carried out by a professional company, such as Envirocool, can make sure your system is always running at its optimum level and in good working order.

For air conditioning to work properly it is important that it is serviced routinely, otherwise the unit needs to work harder, and energy bills begin to soar. When comparing the costs of running an un-serviced unit to the cost of running a serviced unit with the cost of the servicing, the amount you could save is surprising. The question we are asking is; “Can you afford not to have your air conditioning regularly maintained?”. If you are unsure, your first thought might be this…

“Does my Air Conditioning Need Servicing?”

Even if your air conditioning seems to working fine, Envirocool will always advise that you have your unit serviced every few months to ensure everything is fine. If you have had a system for some time and it has never had a maintenance check it may be a good idea to contact Envirocool now to arrange a service.

If you are looking for air conditioner services in or around the Preston area, Envirocool are the ones to call. We can discuss your systems specifications and requirements and make sure they offer the you the highest service possible catered to your needs.

The Facts of Air Conditioning Maintenance

The following points may be of interest to you when considering having your air conditioning serviced:

  • Energy consumption can raise by up to 36% if you have a build up of dirt within your system.
  • Dirt within the system can dramatically reduce the lifespan of components within the unit, meaning you have high repair costs.
  • In the event of too much dirt build-up your system will perform poorly and some components could have a shorter lifetime, costing you more money to replace the parts.
  • Having your system cleaned can remove 99.9% of all germs and bacteria meaning your air will be far healthier to breathe.
  • E.coli, Legionella, and MRSA are just a couple of the micro organisms that could be present in your un-serviced air con systems. We have all heard of these right?

These facts highlight how important it is to make sure your air conditioning is well maintained, along with saving you some money. Contact Envirocool today to discuss the options available to you and book a convenient time for them to visit you. Can you really afford not to get in touch soon?

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