Malmaison Liverpool

The customer approached Enviro cool for a survey on their two luxurious penthouse apartments at the peak of Liverpool’s famous skyline.

Various luxurious wall mounted models in our showroom filled the customer with confidence in that they knew we had the ability to match luxury equipment with the luxury apartment.

We supplied 6 wall mounted systems to 2 penthouse apartments (3 in each apartment) we ran a concealed pipe run through the buildings ceiling void up the riser to the roof where our outdoor units would be placed.

Due to the building being so close to the salted waters of the River Mersey. To prevent corrosion, we supply a special coating to the coil of the condensers.

We finished the project well ahead of the time we planned for and still in the most professional manner. The customer was delighted with the addition to the 2 penthouses and was happy to add “Air Conditioned” to his adverts.

“Malmaison is a collection of 15 unique boutique hotels in the UK and is a member of the Frasers Hospitality Group.

One of the World’s Leading Award-winning Serviced Apartments, Hotel Residences and Boutique Lifestyle Hotels.

Frasers Hospitality is a leading global hospitality group with Gold-Standard serviced and hotel residences across Europe, Middle East, Africa, North Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia.”

“From the minute we stepped foot in the apartments with tools in hand. The first thing we focused on was covering the apartment from top to bottom with protective sheets to prevent any dust or damage”

“You can see from this image the bronze coating on the coil of the first condenser which prevents any corrosion from the salty air of the river Mersey just a few 100 yards away. Outdoor condensers mounted on flags to prevent damage to the roof lining”

“The finished product, as we promised, was a complete success. We achieved the look we and the customer were aiming for. Now customers can enjoy their stay in Liverpool comfortably at their desired temperature”