St Richard’s School

St Richards Primary – Manchester

Enviro cool being a reliable tool to St Richards over the many years we have looked after them, approached us once again to fit out their new build with AC in the 4 new classrooms they had installed.
Working closely with St Richards we came to the agreement of 4 Toshiba four way blow cassettes ( 1 in each classroom ).
We started our install during the February half term and finished well inside the 1 week window we had to complete our goal.
Classrooms were left as tidy as they were when we stepped foot inside on the first day.
Now without the distraction of the clammy summers or shivering winters the students of St Richards will have total concentration on their education with classrooms being at optimum temperatures.

“Indoor Cassettes installed centrally into 4 ceiling tiles in each room”
“Outdoor condensers mounted perfectly level with each other over a flat roof”