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EnviroCool have been providing the people of Southport with Air Conditioning for a long time now, and from the moment we established all those years ago, we have been providing the same air-con services, which includes the following.

Commercial Air Conditioning

As a small business or large company, the welfare of your employees and your customers will no doubt be a priority. Ensuring comfortable working space for everyone involved in the business is crucial if you hope to meet health and safety legislations, and have staff who are able to work to their full potential. Having boiling hot or freezing employees will only reduce workrate, and this could potentially cost you business.

Domestic Air Conditioning

If your home is a heat trap, you will understand how uncomfortable things can get in the summer months when the air is at it’s warmest. There is a solution to this in the form of domestic air conditioning from EnviroCool. We can tailor our systems to suit the theme of your home, and in most cases, you won’t even know the unit is there.


Maintaining your air conditioning on an annual basis is important if you want an air conditioning that performs to its true potential. Ones which gather dust over time can struggle to produce optimum performance, using more of your property energy to produce the same results. Your energy rates will gradually increase, and you might not know why. If this is the case, your air conditioning might be eating at those units.


Faulty or broken air con systems will require immediate attention for several reasons. Depending on the problem, your air conditioning systems could be a risk to people in the area. If your air con stops working, you could be forced to work in uncomfortable environments, and in some cases, older, less efficient systems might be eating at your energy. In every circumstance, you will need to get your air conditioning looked at by a professional.


The thing we love to do more than anything is install air conditioning units to happy customers in the Southport area. If you are thinking of having air conditioning installed, or you are contemplating whether or not to update your old system with something more modern and eco-friendly, make sure you get in touch with the EnviroCool team and speak to us about your requirements. One of our friendly team can talk to you about the Air Conditioning Installation process, and give you sound, professional advice.

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