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One of the few air conditioning companies in the uk that has a showroom.


As experienced air conditioning installers operating in Southport, EnviroCool are able to give you a wide variety of air conditioning systems from the industries leading maufacturers. We have offered our installation services to both commercial and domestic clients throughout the area. Whatever you require, you can be sure that EnviroCool can help.


As air conditioning repair specialists based in Southport, EnviroCool have the North West people covered for all their air conditioning repair needs. With years of experience of working in the industry, we have dealt with many different types, sizes and styles of air conditioning, allowing us to develop our knowledge and repair your air conditioning in a more than impressive manner.


Maintenence is important to ensure that your air conditioning system is working to it’s optimum efficiency. Regular checks can make sure that small problems don’t turn into major ones; which will cause faults to your system and break it completely. Make sure that you get your units maintained and prevent the costs from buying and installing a new air conditioning system.

Our Clients

Commercial and Domestic Air Conditioning throughout the North West

As Air Conditioning Specialists based in Southport, EnviroCool have the people of the North West Region covered for all their Air Conditioning needs. Whether you require a brand new installation, annual maintenance, or your Air-con is broken and needs fixing, EnviroCool have the answers for you.

We employ a team of highly trained, qualified, and experienced Air-Con Technicians who can discuss your needs with you and provide you with any information you need relating to new, old, or faulty air conditioning systems.

If you live or work in Southport, Liverpool or Preston and you require the services of an air conditioning expert, EnviroCool are the ones to call. We have decades of experience in the industry, working with high-end commercial customers, which you can view by heading over to our Case Studies page and browsing through our portfolio of work. Greggs, Asda, Starbucks, Boots, KFC, Starbucks, and BP, are just a few of the big manufacturers we have installed air conditioning for.

EnviroCool solved all of our air conditioning needs quickly and efficiently, making our office bearable again. My staff are very happy with the system. I was very happy with the price.

Mrs Robinson

What amazed me with this company was their professionalism! I thought as the price was low I would have to compromise on quality. Not the case at all. Superb.

Mrs Williams

Everything has been fantastic and we are thoroughly impressed with the product you recommended and the service you provided.

Miss Jana

Great experience from start to finish, excellent results and can’t recommended them enough. If you are looking for a professional company, choose EnviroCool for your Air Conditioning.

Mr Roberto

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Repairs – North West

As dedicated installers of air conditioning operating in Southport and the North West, EnviroCool are able to assist you with your current temperature problems. We understand that some buildings are prone to becoming too hot in the summer months and far too cold in the winter months, and because of this, we have made it our priority to install the best heating and cooling systems available on the market today.

EnviroCool keep close relationships with all major manufacturers of Air Conditioning Systems so that when changes occur, new products are released, or advancements are made in technologies, we are the first to find out.

Leaving our customers satisfied is something we aim to do. Operating from our base in Southport means we are able to install, maintain and repair air con units, commercial and domestic, all over the North West, and in particular Southport.

If you wish to see any of the products before you buy, pop down to our showroom in Southport, and we can talk to you about your air conditioning needs.

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