Commercial Offices Manitowoc

Manitowoc – Sheffield installation March 2014

Firstly we attended a site survey, taking into consideration the nature of the building and listening to the clients needs, Enviro cool working closely with Toshiba designed an Air conditioning system that would replace the old, expensive to run single split Air Conditioning equipment installed in their multiple office building.

The Old technology R22 refrigerant  systems had their condensing units mounted inside the large production warehouse which considerably raised the already warm factory work space.

We provided a solution in the form of Toshibas SHRM (Super heat recovery multi) system for all offices and two single split super digital wall mounted systems for the comms room.

This system can both cool one side of the building removing the heat and then send it to the cooler side of the building which may require heating, this is one of the most efficient ways to regulate the correct comfortable temperature in a building.

The project started on a Saturday morning with a tight 4 week schedule, we began by de commissioning some 20 R22 single split systems removing all refrigerant plant equipment and associated pipe work cables and drains. This was carried out over the first weekend to avoid disruption to the office staff and factory workers.

The new install began with pipe work being installed through the factory, again to minimise disruption to the offices. This was carried out using a mobile elevated working platform, along with barriers to protect the many factory workers from entering the area as we were working at hight.

Once the 1st fix pipe work was completed, we then moved on to working nights to complete all internal works in the offices.

Once the internal work was completed, ahead of an already tight schedule, the framework was built ready for the new condensing units to be delivered.

The condensing units were then lifted into position and piped up ready for the weekend.

When it comes to commissioning it is a very important procedure, the whole installation is pressure strength tested to 42bar for 1 hour and then 34bar for 24 hours this ensures that there are no leaks on the system as the smallest leak impacts the environment and also affects the efficiency of the system, both tests passed.

The commissioning then began by evacuating all the air and any moisture out of the pipe work to a measurement of 2 torr, the calculated charge of 48kg of R410A refrigerant was added.

Once the condensers had been left energised overnight (to warm up the oil in the compressors) it was time to switch on and check all is working as it should.

Commissioning sheets were filed out to validate the 7 year parts and labour warranty.

The installation was then handed over to the client and demonstration given to the appropriate staff members.

The works were completed within 4 weeks in fact a few days ahead of schedule which the customer was pleased about passing comment on the quality of the installation and how tidy and none disruptive the works were and that my engineers were a credit to our company.

Off to the next install !!!!

“Manitowoc is an award winning world leader in the manufacture and supply of professional kitchen equipment, able to meet the needs and demands of even the busiest kitchen environments. Renowned for high quality products and excellent after sales service, Manitowoc manufacture a number of top brands including, Merrychef, Convotherm, Frymaster and Garland, all of which will be familiar to most within the catering industry”

“De-commissioning some 20 R22 single split systems removing all refrigerant plant equipment and associated pipe work cables and drains. This was carried out over the first weekend to avoid disruption to the office staff and factory workers”


“Our 3 pipe system that ran through the warehouse of Manitowoc was installed to the highest standard by Enviro cool engineers.

“We took time to map out our pipe runs throughout to assure they looked presentable but discrete.”

“All our engineers are IPAF certified as you can see here, Richard rising himself to where he needs to be to complete the job at hand”

“2 identical wall mounted units working together to hold the server room at a sufficient temperature”

“At Enviro cool we pride our selves on being the best in business when it comes to pipe work. As you can see from this image our engineers are a credit to their craft when they produce immaculate works of art as they did at Manitowoc”

“Enviro cool assembled a big foot frame and levelled it to the uneven ground awaiting the outdoor units to be mounted. The frame leaving more than enough space for works to be carried out underneath the units”

“Outdoor work complete at Manitowoc. The system was powered up and commissioned. All testing was successful and the customer was and is still happy with the install today!