Kaspas St.Helens

We worked closely with Oakwood Contracts Ltd on this fit out to achieve a clean cut and efficient system Kaspa’s Derserts expected of us giving that this was our second Kaspa’s install and they were not disappointed in the slightest!

We installed 4 ceiling cassettes running of 2 DI outdoor units which fitted into a precise bulk head design to perfection and we also painted the facias of the units to suit the designers plans

A single split compact cassette unit was installed to the back of house which sits inside a single ceiling tile.

Finally we installed an Extraction Ventilation system spanning the length of the shop with extraction valves over the servery areas, back of house and toilets.

As you will see from our portfolio on the two Kaspa’s sites we strive to be the leading A/C company on the road not only for reliability but also how immaculate our fit outs are!

“Cassettes installed and colour coded into the bulkheads perfectly to the shop fitters request”

“A cassette that will never look out of place with its colour coded facia to add to that quality look that Kaspa’s Deserts brings with all their desert houses”

“Extraction Valves above the servery’s and coffee machines discharging the steam they produce”

“Outdoor condensers mounted at high level”